New journal data archiving policy

Do you share your data?

This month starts the implementation of the Joint Data Archiving Policy which is endorsed by a consortium of prominent journals and societies. It states that journals will require:

as a condition for publication, that data supporting the results in the paper should be archived in an appropriate public archive.

The policy can be customized by each journal, and blanket exemptions apply to sensitive data such as identifiable human records and endangered species localities. Dryad has been working for some time now with these and other partner journals to support the implementation of this policy. If you submit an article to one of these journals, you will be invited to simultaneously submit your data to Dryad, who will communicate directly with the journal to make it as easy as possible for you. This will help to ensure that a permanent, resolvable, and citable data identifier is published in the final article.

Further information about the policy, the journals and corresponding societies implementing it this month can be found at:

If you are publishing in one of these journals, or thinking about doing so, please consider contacting us to help you prepare your data for publication. Visit us at the SciDaC website at:

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